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Update & Add-On


This client had spent years messing with upkeep and maintenance on their existing deck. The original deck was of all wood construction, missing necessary brackets and was very wobbly when walking across it. The many layers of paint were peeling and a previous owner had carpeted the top which caused problems by holding moisture against the decking.

Old decking was removed, additional structure added and brackets installed to bring the deck up to current code requirements. These two steps made the deck safe and extremely stable. Composite decking was installed and topped with a composite and aluminum railing providing a new and clean look that won't rust, rot, or require maintenance on the finish.


The second part of this project was adding additional living space to the backyard. A custom deck was built in an unused area against the home which is convenient to access from the home and provides a great space for entertaining.


In addition, a larger egress window-well was added with a weight-bearing grate cover set flush with the deck to permit use of the entire deck space with no concern for tripping or falling.

Finished in the same composite decking as the upper deck, it provides continuity through the yard and ties in with the newly finished exterior of the home.

These new low-maintenance finishes clean-up easily and wear well allowing the homeowners to spend their time enjoying the space instead of maintaining it.

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