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Unfortunately, we don't always get a choice about when a remodeling project might present itself. This client had the misfortune of a leak from the plumbing within the wall behind the shower. This meant pulling tile down to get to the leak for repairs. The client had been pondering updating the bathroom for some time, and this seemed a good opportunity to update some things without going through a full remodel. The shower was completely replaced from a new pan all the way to the ceiling including upgrading to a T&P safety valve to get rid of the old "don't flush the toilet" problem. New tile and faucet over a waterproofing system brought this shower into a modern era with timely finishes. Other items that were updated were a new vanity top & faucet at the sink, and a new wood-look porcelain floor over a waterproofing system. Cabinetry was left in place as it's custom work that matches that in the rest of the home. Durable and easy to clean, this bath should be trouble-free for years to come.

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